There are too many people in The Story of Britain for me to have just one favorite, so here are two.

The first is Queen Elizabeth I. In her time people didn't expect women to be leaders, but Elizabeth persuaded everyone to respect her. She was brave and clever. When she was young, her sister Mary was Queen. Mary hated Elizabeth and was always looking for an excuse to put her to death, but Elizabeth never gave her one. And she used her intelligence when she became Queen. At that time everyone was fighting over religion. But Elizabeth made people unite together and kept her kingdom at peace.

My other favourite is a philosopher, John Locke.

When Locke was alive, the arguments about religion were still going on. Thousands had died in wars. Whichever faith people believed in, they were certain God supported them, and everyone else would go to hell. John Locke saw people would always have different opinions, and would have to get used to it. He saw that unless they learned to live together, they would go on fighting forever. And the only way to live together was to respect each other's beliefs.

As a philosopher, he realised that no one can be completely sure about everything. It isn't possible: the world isn't a simple place. It's complicated, and often confusing, and all we can do is use our intelligence to understand it as well as we can. He wasn't a brave man, but he stuck up for what he believed in. He even went into exile because he didn't want the King to do as he pleased, but believed parliament should have a say in how the country was governed.